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Adults with Special Needs


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Several themes have emerged from federal laws, related to equal rights and disabilities. Equal Opportunity: Adults with special needs and their advocates (often caregivers) have strived for and achieved success in ensuring full participation in all aspects of life, including education, housing, employment, and community living. Individuals and groups have worked hard to increase understanding among people without disabilities about people with special needs. Independent Living: In recent years, opportunities have increased and expanded for adults with special needs to choose preferred ways of living within the community. For instance, more housing options are available where individuals may choose to live alone or with others, in supported living arrangements (living with someone without disabilities), and apartments. Community Participation: Adults with special needs desire to have friendships and a sense of belonging and contribute to their communities like everyone else. They can join recreational groups, volunteer, and continue to learn and grow. Economic Self-Sufficiency: Gaining the education and training one needs to have a job and become part of the workforce is expected of most adults. Employment fosters independence and allows feelings of connection to others while contributing to financial security. Gaining economic self-sufficiency may be possible by making full use of available resources and services. Resources: In the Resources area, you'll be able to access valuable websites and publications. Select each chapter to learn more.

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