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Adults with Special Needs

Equal Opportunity Table of Contents

Image of a binder opened to the first section entitled Equal Opportunity. On the open binder page is a piece of notebook paper with a table of contents and a picture of a young lady in a wheelchair paper clipped to the bottom right.

Self-determination is key to achieving equal opportunity in daily life by knowing and understanding laws, rights, and methods of advocacy impacting access to services. Self-determination is the principle that every adult has the right to make life decisions. Understanding strengths and limitations and believing in oneself is essential to exerting control and direction in life and achieving goals. Establishing a network of friends and others who can provide support and guidance is also helpful to gain and maintain as much independence as possible. Select Next or an item from the table of contents to learn more.

Laws and Rights
Laws and Rights: Frequently Asked Questions
Advocacy: Obtaining Services and Barriers
Finding Resources and Support
Equal Opportunity
Independent Living
AWSN Resources