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Image of a binder opened to the fifth section entitled AWSN Resources. On the open binder page is a piece of notebook paper with bulleted text.

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The military lifestyle is unique, filled with opportunities, benefits, and support systems for both service members and their families. Military life also comes with unique challenges. While being a military family member may not always be easy, there are programs and services available to help. Some resources are listed on screen. You can read more about these and other resources in the Adults with Special Needs guide. Also be sure to visit the Resources section at the bottom of the screen.

Exceptional Family Member Program (E F M P)
Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)
Deployment Support Program
Personal Financial Management (P F M) Program
Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
Adults with Special Needs (A W S N) Guide
Equal Opportunity
Independent Living
AWSN Resources