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Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEP Participants

“Image of a table with four chairs with an open computer, pens and papers, folders, and notepads, and an open folder with a picture and forms is at the center of the screen. Surrounding the table are photographs of a man and woman labeled as Parents, a woman at a desk labeled as Someone to interpret results, a woman standing in an office labeled as School Representative, a man at a desk labeled as General Education Teacher, a woman at a desk labeled as Special Education Teacher, a woman as Other, and young boy in front of a chalkboard labeled as Child.”

To write an effective IEP, you, your child's teachers, and other staff members meet to look closely at your child's unique needs. These individuals combine their knowledge and experience to design an educational program that will help your child progress in school. Team participants may vary depending on your child's needs and type of IEP meeting. Select each image and the link to learn more about who is on the IEP team.

Special Education Teacher
General Education Teacher
School Representative
Someone to interpret results
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