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DoD EFMP Special Announcement: New Department of Defense Special Care Organizational Records


The Department of Defense (DoD) has two very useful organizing tools for military families with special needs: the Special Care Organizational Record (SCOR) for Children with Special Health Care Needs and the SCOR for Adults with Special Health Care Needs. The SCORS are tools for caregivers, providing central repositories for recording and tracking information about their family member’s ongoing support and health needs. Although the focus for each SCOR differs, they share the same fundamental goal of making it easier to organize, track, and update information for special needs family members.

For example, families can use their SCOR to:

  • track changes in medicines or treatments
  • list telephone numbers for health care providers and  community organizations
  • prepare for appointments
  • file information about health history
  • share information with primary care doctors, school nurses, daycare staff, and others caregivers

EFMP SCOR Special Announcement Testimonial

Each SCOR is tailored to the unique needs of a special needs family member. For example, the SCOR for Children includes sections for copies of a child’s Individualized Family Service Plan or Individualized Education Program paperwork. The SCOR for Adults has sections for documenting daily routines, vacation preferences, employment and vocational experiences, and more! Each tool was vetted by the Exceptional Family Member Program managers, medical and education professionals, and recognized disability expert, Dr. Ann Turnbull.
SCOR for Children

Military families can order a hard copy of the SCOR for Children with Special Health Care Needs from Military OneSource or by calling 1-800-342-9647. The hard copy of the SCOR for Children also comes with a CD that has the SCOR and the DoD Special Needs Parent Toolkit files included. The SCOR for Children comes in a professionally designed binder that has pockets for business cards, receipts, and other important items.

Both the SCOR for Children and Adults can also be downloaded from MilitaryHOMEFRONT. DoD has also developed records organizers for Eldercare and for Families, which are also available for downloading from MilitaryHOMEFRONT.

The Department of Defense continues to revise and improve upon products for military families with special needs.  Contact MilitaryHOMEFRONT to provide your feedback on the SCORs.

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