1. Advancement of the Practitioner License to the Professional License. In addition to demonstrating successful completion of an educator preparation program and submitting qualifying scores on all required assessments, the educator must meet licensure expectations for advancement to the professional license. To advance from a practitioner license to a professional license, an educator must have:

    1. Three (3) years of experience; and

    2. The recommendation of the Director of Schools, or documentation of thirty (30) professional development points (Appendix A).

      If the educator does not meet these criteria, the practitioner license will be renewed once. For educators who hold the occupational practitioner license, the additional training and certification requirements must also be completed to renew or advance the license (see requirements on page 11). At the end of the second (2nd) validity period, the educator must meet licensure expectations to advance or the license will become inactive.

  2. Renewal of the Professional License. To renew the professional license an educator must have documentation of sixty (60) professional development points (Appendix A). If an educator does not have documentation of sixty (60) professional development points at the date of expiration, the license will become inactive.

    In order to reactivate the license and endorsements held, the educator must ensure that qualifying scores, not more than five (5) years old, on all state-required content assessments for each endorsement an educator is seeking to reactivate have been received by the Office of Educator Licensing. Duplicate information is not required. If the Tennessee Department of Education has valid assessment scores, not more than five (5) years old, the educator does not need to resubmit.

  3. Renewal of Professional License for Administrators. Because administrators are expected to maintain professional development related to their role, administrators in a Tennessee Academy for School Leaders (TASL)-mandated position or serving as a director of schools may use this experience in lieu of submitting professional development points toward renewal of their professional teaching license. In order to qualify, individuals must hold an active administrator license (PAL, ILL-A, ILL-B, ILL, or ILL-P), be serving in either a TASL- mandated role or as a director of schools during the school year in which the professional license is expiring, and be current in required TASL credit hours (if applicable).


Licensure Requirements for Military Spouses: Educators who hold an active license (initial or professional) from a state other than Tennessee may be issued a Tennessee Practitioner License upon providing documentation of active military dependent status. Licensure applications for military spouses will be expedited. Prior to renewing or advancing the license, educators must submit passing scores on required content assessments.


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Revised: 01/27/2017 5.502 Educator Licensure