P05.10.050. Nonresident Tuition Surcharge.

Any person who does not qualify as an Alaska resident under Regents' Policy 05.10.025, or has not otherwise been exempted under this chapter will be assessed a nonresident tuition surcharge in addition to regular tuition. However, the following persons are exempted from nonresident tuition surcharges and treated as a resident for the purpose of tuition assessment if they are a U.S. citizen or an "eligible non-citizen:

  1. Active duty United States military and their spouse and dependent children;

  2. United States veterans eligible for a Veterans Administration education benefit, and their spouse and dependent children;

  3. Members of the National Guard and Reservists, their spouses and dependent children, regardless of whether they yet qualify as residents of the state under any other requirements;

  4. Dependent children of a person who graduated and holds an Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor’s degree from the University of Alaska;

  5. Dependent children of an Alaska resident as evidenced by the most current federal income tax return filed within the past 16 months;

  6. Students participating in the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP);

  7. Students enrolled for four or fewer credit hours within the UA system during a semester;

  8. Students from other states or provinces whose public universities waive nonresident tuition surcharges for Alaska residents, as may be approved by the university president; a list of participating states or universities shall be published in University Regulation;

  9. Students from foreign cities and provinces that establish sister city or sister province relationships with the state of Alaska, or Alaska municipalities, and that have been approved by the president; a list of participating and approved communities shall be published in University Regulation;

  10. Students designated by the UA Scholars Program as UA Scholars;

  11. Participants of the University of Alaska College Savings Plan, the John Hancock Freedom 529, and the T. Rowe Price College Savings Plan, who meet eligibility criteria as may be established by the Education Trust of Alaska;

  12. Spouse or dependent children of a University of Alaska employee; or

  13. Students that graduated within the past 12 months from a qualified Alaska high school. “Qualified Alaska high school” shall have the same meaning used to determine eligibility for the UA Scholars Program.


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